Great Gift Ideas for Your Held Motorcycle Rider

HELD Gift Guides
Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guides Are Here!

We've made it easy to shop for your favorite HELD rider with our simple gift guides below. Now you can easily choose the perfect gift with the assortment of options and styles we have curated for you.  Our selection of motorcycle gloves, bags and accessories can help you choose a gift from a brand many motorcycle fans love.  


Under $99

  • Storm Care Kit ($59) (Something every rider needs; keeps your premium leather gloves in top condition and ensures maximum glove life!)
  • Roll Bag ($79, $99) (Keep all your things safe from rain, wind, snow and dirt!; Great for on or off the bike all year long!)
  • Carry Bag ($99) (Travel ready on or off the bike; keep your gear safe from rain, wind, snow and dirt)

Under $150

  • Tenda Bag ($109) (Our most versatile bag that can be tail or tank mounted or carried off the bike with a convenient shoulder strap)
  • Cockpit Bag ($129) (Amazingly handy bag that fits most bike styles’ handlebars; works great to hold ID, spare keys, credit card etc. for easy access)
  • Vivione ($150) (Our 7L size is just big enough and not too big to make the perfect rear deck bag; Waterproof inner storage, adjustable volume and removable shoulder strap)

Looking for great glove gift ideas?

At Held, we have different types of gloves for our riders. We recommend browsing some of the collections below to see which glove type your rider would love. 

Click here to view our Sport Glove Collection

Click here to view our top Adventure Gloves

Click here to view our Touring Gloves

Click here to view our Urban Glove Collection

Click here to view our Waterproof Glove Collection

Click here to view our Winter Glove Collection


Not sure what your HELD rider would love?

To make it easy for you, we've created these easy holiday gift chart to help you pick a category and one of our favorite products.  Take a look at some of the options below. 









Titan RR

Air n Dry GTX



Tonale GTX

Phantom II

Score 4.0 GTX

Desert II


Under Glove

Chikara GTX

Steve Classic



Over Glove

Evo-Thrux II


Score 4.0




Air Stream