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Phantom Pro


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 Held Technologies

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  Product information "Phantom Pro"


  • certified under standard EN 13594:2015 "protective gloves for motorcycle riders“
  • SUPROTECT  shock-absorbing special foam on back of hand & ball of thumb
  • reinforced edge of hand & index finger
  • knuckle protection tested (impact test for knuckle protection)
  • Titanium knuckle protectors
  • highly abrasion-resistant stingray leather, underlaid with shock-absorbing foam on ball of thumb
  • glass fibre protectors on edge of hand, covered with SuperFabric brand material
  • Held Armaprotec protection on back of hand
  • finger-bridge between ring finger & pinkie
  • SuperFabric  reinforcement on fingers
  • Ring- and pinkie finger additionally protected with Aramid
  • hard shell pinkie finger protection
  • special step seam avoids pressure points on inner hand enhances feel
  • pre-formed, crease-free palm
  • tunnel strap
  • perforated finger side walls
  • Velcro adjustment at cuffs
  • visor wiper
  • unlined palm
Outer shell
  • highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather
  • colourfast & sweat-proof
Upper material
  • Kangaroo leather
  • black-white-red 07
  • black-white 14

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

short : black/white 14: K-7, K-8, K-9, K-10, K-11

long: black/white 14: L-7, L-8, L-9, L-10, L-11


 Material Composition
  • Under Hand: 
  • Upper Hand: 
  • Layer: 
  • Lining 1: 
  • Lining 2: 
  • Hem: 
  • Palm Reinforcement: 


Type of rider: Sport
Color: black, red, white
Gender: Men
Size classes: Slim sizes, Standard sizes, Stocky sizes
Material: Leather
Membrane: without
Season: Spring, Fall
Waterproof: no

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