"Over Under" doesn't apply to just gambling any longer

With HELD’s new “KTC” technology, “Over Under” doesn’t apply to just gambling any longer; It applies to top quality motorcycle gloves.  If you have ever been frustrated with long gauntlet waterproof gloves (or long gauntlet gloves in general) due to the water that can sometimes run down your sleeve and into the glove soaking your hands, then the KTC technology is for you. 


The HELD KTC technology marries a standard style glove with soft elastic cuff to hold the gloves in place at the wrist and then incorporates a specially designed weather-proof rubber gasket that provides a 360 degree seal between the glove and the inside of the jacket sleeve.  The jacket sleeves goes over the glove and fastens tightly around the rubber gasket, keeping out water and dirt from any direction; Simply Brilliant! 


Check out the range of HELD KTC motorcycle gloves at RIDEHELD.COM.

Gore-Tex or not, HELD has multiple options if you decide that UNDER the jacket sleeve is for you!