Gore Grip Technology

The Challenge

The Innovation

Many waterproof motorcycle gloves are made of four layers: a sturdy outermaterial; an insulating layer; a watertight layer and a lining material. The robust new membrane used in the Gore grip technology makes it possibleto eliminate two layers. Furthermore, all remaining layers are laminated to one another using a special three-dimensional process. Gore developed new thermal adhesive with a net-like structure so that it doesn't reduce the glove's breathability. These waterproof Gore-Tex gloves achieve unprecedented excellence in fit, comfort and toughness. Motorcyclists feel as though they're wearing single-layer gloves that could easily grasp even the smallest objects. This ensures excellent levels of tactility and ergonomic comfort. Put those two together and you get perfect control over your bike – in every situation.

Gore-Tex Membrane

Reliably waterproof

Bad weather is no longer a barrier, comfortable dry hands transform the riding experience.

High breathability

Moisture can evaporate from the glove, your hands stay warmer for longer, your gloves will dry out quicker, even if your hands perspire.

Quality Check

Uncompromising checks from raw material up to the finished product ensures the highest quality, satisfaction guaranteed.