Basics of Motorcycle Glove Fit


What's important when sizing motorcycle gloves?

Like helmets, gloves can be tricky to properly fit but it’s essential to get it right for the best protection and comfort.

It’s certainly true with gloves that “You get what you pay for”.  So…..if you are after a glove with max protection, comfort and lasting performance choose a brand that stands behind its product with a great customer service, warranty and repair services.

  • Choose a glove that has an initial overall snug fit. This is especially important with leather gloves as they tend to break in by ¼ to ½ size.
  • Ensure the finger length is not too long or short.
  • The most abrasion resistant material used in a premium glove will typically be made from kangaroo leather. This leather is usually designed so that the fingers do not stretch along the length during break in.
  • Properly break in the gloves. A quality glove brand will provide break in and glove care guidelines.
  • While a glove that feels great when you try it on, it may not be so great once it breaks in: A loose fitting glove is NOT good and most likely won’t stay in place in a crash scenario compromising protection.


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