The Over & Under Technology

The portable and flexible solution for all weather conditions!


The Gore-Tex membrane can be worn over or under the base garment.
- Base garment stays dry and clean when worn over it. Body does not cool down while wearing underneath.
- Best possible ventilation when wearing without membrane.
- Membrane jacket and pants can also be used separately as leisure wear.

How it works:

That's the technology:

1. The Gore Tex membrane is worn in the basic position under the base garment. As jacket or pants it is firmly attached to the base garment by means of zips and push-buttons. In this position, the membrane serves as a windbreak and warms the body. Ideal for dry, cool or changeable conditions. Access to all external and internal pockets is possible without restriction.

2. In case of prolonged or heavy rain, the Gore Tex inner jacket and pants are removed from the base garment and pulled quickly and easily over the base garment. As a result, the base garment remains dry and clean and the body does not cool down.

3. If the conditions are dry and warm, the membrane is not worn. Inner jacket and pants are carried separately. The body is optimally ventilated and cooled by the airstream. In addition, the weight of the clothing is reduced and the wearing comfort increased.

4. Off the road, membrane jacket and pants can also be perfectly worn as functional leisure and / or rainwear. This reduces additional luggage on tour.